Having searched for months for a good Bluetooth laser mouse and not finding one from my all time favourite manufacturer Logitech, I finally caved today and got a Wireless Apple Mighty Mouse… and I love it!


For one, the packaging and design of the box was of course what I expected from Apple: clean and minimalist. I'm still dumbfounded that no other company, especially Microsoft, has figured out that out for themselves yet.

As for the mouse itself, I can't get over how nice it is. The problems I've read on the internets' series of tubes about the left/right buttons not being detected properly haven't happened to me in the last few hours I've been using it. Perhaps if I was a hardcore gamer and not a programmer or designer this may happen but so far I've had a 100% success rate. Typing that is asking for trouble I'm sure.

When I plugged in the provided Lithium AA batteries (yes, they came with Lithium batteries… most mice you'd be lucky just to get any batteries to start with!) I went ahead with the detection. I just clicked on the Bluetooth icon in my menu bar, chose "Mouse" from the menu and it was detected on the spot. Then I could navigate to the Keyboard/Mouse panel in the System Preferences app and configure the button actions, sensitivity and whatnot.

I'm hesitant to give this a 5 star rating because I've only been using it for a few hours, but the fact I'm even contemplating that rating should give you an idea of how impressed I am with this. And no, I didn't even get paid by Apple to say this!

How easy do you reckon it would be to get this working on my FreeBSD partition? ;).

I'll be doing a full review of it on my next Rubenerd Show podcast episode, so stay tuned.