Ruben’s 21st eve musings!


Well here it is folks, the eve of my 21st birthday. I really don’t believe in numbers being a defining part of a person’s life (ironic considering my obsession with computers and electronics) and I felt no different the day I turned 18 than I did when I turned 17, but in any event it’s apparently a huge important day and so forth, so there you go.

I thought just for fun I'd get all self absorbed and compile a small list of things that have happened in my life up until this point to see where I've come and where I'm going to. If you're easily bored, hit the page down keys a few times!

A terrible monster named Ruben Michael Schade (son of Debra Anne Ross and Rainer Hans Schade) was unleased upon the world in the Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney. The fact Chenobyl happened around the same time cannot be completely discounted as being a coinsidence.
Ruben says his first word: dirt. People recognise him as a romantic from then on in.
The Schade family moves to Patterson Lakes in Melbourne.
The Schade family purchases an IBM desktop computer with MS-DOS 4, XTreeGold, Commander Keen and WordPerfect. Little Ruben is positively fascinated by this weird, bright, colourful screen that shows all the stuff he punches out on the keyboard thingy. He starts learning DOS commands without really knowing what any of the words meant.
Ruben's sister Elke Raina Schade is born in Frankson Hospital in Melbourne. Ruben no longer the sole recipient of parental attention. Jealouys ensues.
Ruben starts school at Patterson Lakes Primary in Ms Brooks's Prep class. Is the only child in the class who cries his eyes out the whole day.
The Schade family moves to Ascot/Hamilton in Brisbane.
Ruben's mum Debra discovers a breast lump which is later determined to be cancer. Nothing would ever be the same.
The Schade family moves to Dhoby Ghaut, Singapore. Ruben's grasp on Aussie-ness starts fading.
Ruben discovers Sim Lim Square and Funan Centre!
Ruben's sister Elke applies for voice-over job for Discovery Channel. Just for fun Ruben tries out as well. Both kids get the job, much to the relief of their parents.
Ruben gets computer of his own, a Pentium MMX 200MHz with 32MB of RAM and a 5GB hard disk. As of 2007, it's still running!
Ruben's mum Debra is pronounced cured from cancer. To celebrate family goes on European holiday to visit relatives, see sites and so forth in Scotland, England, Wales, Germany, France and Switzerland (for half an hour!)
Ruben graduates from primary school at the AIS, not affiliated with the Australian Institute of Sport.
Ruben's mum has a chest scan for a seemingly routine infection and more cancer is discovered. As of 2007 she's still fighting it.
Ruben gets an iMac DV G3 with Mac OS 8.5. His journey to rid himself of Windows begins.
Ruben tries Red Hat Linux that came in a box. Is discoraged by the initial complexity but soon appreciates the power and customisability. Is that a word? He chooses KDE over GNOME.
Ruben's computers are seemingly unaffected by Y2K, except his old XTreeGold and PowerMenu programmes which display the year as 100. Aiyo.
At the stroke of midnight Ruben sprays silly string everywhere. Gets some in his sister's hair: mission acomplished!
Ruben gets job writing macros for ABB in Singapore.
Ruben gets job at Vertias and learns Perl programming.
Ruben sees very nice, quiet Korean girl he met at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf at Bishan for coffee, books and company. She moves away half a year later :(.
Ruben graduates from high school, finishes his HSC and gets high enough UAI for university. Yay, more work!
Ruben learns about podcasting through the New Time Radio website and starts the Rubenerd Show!
The Schade family move to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Ruben moves to Adelaide, South Australia to go to university.
Ruben's room mates take him clubbing. Refreshes his disgust for trance.
Ruben moves back to Kuala Lumpur to be with his mum and study externally.
Work, uni work, work at home. Lots of fun to be had!
Ruben vows to use only open source software (unless the situation explicity warrents otherwise) starting January 2008.

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