Three random images today!

The first is a photo I snapped on my Nokia e61i when I left the hospital this morning after I visited my mum in the ICU. One thing I love about Singapore is all the greenery and well kept gardens along the roads, you don't notice it until you've travelled and come back to it:

Gardens along Napier Rd

Here's a shot further down Napier Rd crossing Tangin Rd with Tanglin Mall on the left hand side and the Camden Medical Centre in the background:

Corner of Napier and Tanglin Rd

And here's a shot for Guy Kawasaki, from what I understand he's been saying on Twitter than people following the Truemors feed haven't been getting updates. I've been following Truemors for a while, but I just got my first post from the Truemors Twitter account :). Sign of good things to come?

Truemors on Twitter

I love Sundays ^^.