The Rubenerd Show has reached new highs: it has been mentioned on Make It Great!

I was reviewing my stats today, and I noticed I got a bit of traffic from the RubenerdShow, a fun podcast that I’ve listened to from time to time. Ruben Schade is the host, and he does quite the variety show. So I went over to his website (it was being re-done last time I peeked in), and lo and behold, I see a link to Make It Great! on his main page. Wow! I was quite flattered.

Then I looked at his most recent podcast and I see Make It Great! – 400 posts. I quickly downloaded his podcast, and about 25 or so minutes in, I hear a mention of my 400 posts…Very cool! Thank you for noticing Ruben, and for all the kind words you said about my blog and my writing. I really appreciate.

If you’re in the market for a variety podcast, I encourage you to subscribe to the Rubenerd Show today! Who knows, you might even hear me on a show one day with Ruben, which would give me 2 fun podcast partners!?!

Make it a great day!

My day is great now Phil thanks to your kind words :D.