After 6 years, Rubenerd Purple is back!


For those of you lucky enough to not have to ever see my horrible blog design give read the RSS feed (or RDF… really?), you may not have noticed the sudden change to purple a few days ago! Purpleness!

I'll admit it, purple has secretly been my favourite colour since I got my hands on some Sun hardware when I was a kid, though in primary school I was informed by a well meaning teacher that perhaps I shouldn't make that fact well known for its… shall we say, social implications. Now I'm older and simply don't care what people think about my appearance or tastes, so I figure if Andrew Cox can admit to it being his favourite colour, I can too!

I'm still working on getting the schade (sorry, bad pun) right, but for the time being let me know what you think :). Merry Nightmare, Senjoughara Hitagi and Hotaru/Sailor Saturn would approve!

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