Rubenerd Patron ♔ Sir Novak


Schloss Neuschwanstein in Bavaria

I've said for years that @JerryNovak is the de facto patron of the Rubenerd Universe. Of all the people who've bought me coffee, donated further amounts and—above all—offered kind words during times of need, there's no doubt ♔ Sir Novak has been the most generous.

Yesterday, ♔ Sir Novak tweeted this to me:

Just sent @Rubenerd a Christmas gift from his Amazon wish list. It didn't give me gift options, though.

I'm humbled beyond belief, and more than a little curious about what said gift is! No doubt when it arrives, I'll be posting all about it here.

Given his generosity and kindness over the years, I've decided to bestow him with the title of Rubenerd Patron ♔ Sir Novak, effective immediately. Yes, that includes the unicode crown, thank you very much!

If I offered peerages for the Rubenerd Universe, he'd be ♔ Earl Novak of Rubénerd America or something to that effect. Between this and figuring out how best to showcase our official patron on the site, I'll have a lot to think about over the coming days. Thank you again ♔ Sir Novak :).

Photo of Schloss Neuschwanstein by Sofetis on Wikimedia Commons.

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