is now JavaScript free! I think


Clear day in Singapore

I noticed this afternoon while going through my comment moderation queue that was running a bit sluggishly. Like I would if I ever ran anywhere presumably.

The culprit? A line of JavaScript designed to download and display my latest photos from Flickr. Seems it was hanging on that particular part of the page and deciding not to go any further. So I got rid of it, and now my site is running faster than it ever has! Not sure whether I'll do something server-side to replace it's function, or whether my link to my Flickr page in the header along with linked images in posts here like I've done above will suffice.

Aside from some Ajax websites that behave more like applications than web pages such as Google Docs, I dislike JavaScript on pages. It's cool now I can say I don't have any on my own site. Have NoScript in Firefox or CamiNoScript in Camino? My site will work exactly the same!

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