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This is probably of limited appeal, unless you live in Australia and are moving house. Now that I think of it, it's also unlikely to age well! Be that as it may June, here are the plans and companies I went with, and some personal experiences.


I went with AGL in the past, but I decided to try Powershop this time. They're a Kiwi mob that promise renewable energy sources, and have a usage-tracking phone application.

After camping out by the power–meter cabinet (waiting for strata to open it so I could get a meter reading) they connected us. Unfortunately, they never contacted us to confirm the connection, leading us to wonder whether power was still on from the previous tenant or not. A friendly support ticket later confirmed this.


We have a proper gas stove, which is really wonderful. It's also the first time I've had one since moving back to Australia, so I wasn't sure which provider to go with. I ended up with Origin, in part because their eSaver plan seemed competitive, and I didn't need paper bills anyway. They also offer a "Green Gas" plan, which is carbon-offset.

Same as with Powershop, they connected us but we got no confirmation. A letter in the mail a few days after the scheduled date confirmed it.


This apartment has NBN access, which I count myself lucky to have. I transferred my ancient TPG account over from the ADSL2+ plan in Hornsby to here. TPG have been... challenging in the past, but seem to have got their act together of late. They also have significant infrastructure after a string of aquisitions. My mobile plan has also been grandfathered, which would easily cost double if I moved.

They connected us, sent a confirmation email, but I'm still only getting self-assigned IPs from the NBN box. Judging from other Whirlpool threads, its likely the NBN box isn't authenticating. Here's hoping this gets sorted out soon.


So there you have it. Interesting how gas (ancient), electricity (last hundred years) and fibre optic internet (recent) are just considered basic utilities together. I wonder what else we'll be having delivered to our houses in the future?

As a disclaimer, if you think I'm a sucker for wanting carbon offsets, renewable energy, or for going with brand X, have fun with that.

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