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My assignment is coming along swimmingly :). It may be a week or two before it's ready for real world use, but just as an example I'm running my new weblog and podcasting site on my MacBook Pro's local LightTPD web server and it works great! Well if by great you mean it can connect to the database, pull back some results and display them using the MVC paradigm in mod_ruby without Rails, but with a few "quirks". There's still work to do, put it that way.

I've also heavily modified the layout and design, because as you would know if you've been following my sites at all over the last few years, I'm never satisfied with anything I ever do. The question becomes, how long will this new design last?

One thing I'm very proud of in this latest release is the fact I've almost entirely used open source software to make it. KDE on FreeBSD with the brilliant Kate text editor is a great programming and graphics platform, and I've found the Smultron text editor on Mac OS X to be just as good, if not better, than TextMate.

So what version would this be? 10? Gosh, I was just counting my backups, and it really is! Oh man I'm more fickle than… someone who's fickle!

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