RSS vs. RSS – A Tale of Two Icons

A tale of two RSS icons

A blog entry posted on has got some pretty lively discussion about which icon is better suited for mainstream use to represent XML feeds on websites and in browsers.

Which do I prefer? Dave Winer's original XML one! XML. Why?

  1. It was the first one

  2. Its still [currently] the most widely used one on websites

  3. It can be represented with just CSS: XML

  4. Because it doesn’t say rss or atom it can be used to represent any type of XML feed. Aggregators these days are sophisticated enough to tell the difference; we as humans shouldn’t be fussing over what it is at this point… I would hope.

  5. I think the Mozilla (and now IE7) version with the lines is misleading because it implies a wireless signal, or it could be music, or it could be energy… in any event regardless XML feeds are client pull anyway, they don’t broadcast anything!

Eventually though I don't care which one wins. We're talking about tiny pixels on a screen, this is not an Earth changing event!

RSS vs. RSS – A Tale of Two Icons


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