Romeo The Puppy, 1999–2014


Romeo the puppy

So my mum used to tell me, after a day of pet shop searches in 1999, she chanced upon this timid little fluffball in the corner of a cage. Upon picking him up, he burrowed his face into her neck and gradually stopped trembling. The proprietor warned that he may be the “runt of the litter”, but it was already love at first sight.

From that point forward, he was a member of the family. I’d just started high school, but already I can barely remember the time he wasn’t around.

Romeo the puppyRomeo the puppy

Above all though, he shared the closest bond with my mum. Dr. Tan once said Romeo had almost done more for her health (and certainly more for her wellbeing) than any of her chemotherapy. He knew when she passed away in her sleep in 2007; a part of him was never the same.

He was quiet and gentle, but fiercely loyal. Despite all his health obstacles later in life, he would wander the house utterly unfazed. Through six understandably confusing house moves in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Sydney, the addition of his sister Tigerlily in 2001, and numerous vet visits, he was still our little trooper who was already ready for a soft cuddle or some silly fun. Honestly, who else but Romeo could manage to tip their house sideways while they were still inside?

Romeo the puppy

Last night, surrounded by family and one of the most caring vets we’ve ever met, we said goodbye to our old friend and a fixture of our lives for 15 years.

My boss was gracious enough to give me the day off today, which let me start trawling the archives for photos. Over the coming days, I’ll be filling a Romeo Flickr album so the world can see what a silly, lovely little guy he was. You may claim to have a friendlier dog, but you’d be wrong.™

Rest in peace, my dear friend. ♡

Romeo the puppy

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