Reconsidered International Relations lately?


Reconsidering International Relations

Another one of the great things about Twitter is that amongst the hundreds of spam followers you get per day, there are one or two people who message you that turn out to be awesome. It's a weird truth that as a hopelessly introverted computer nerd I have more friends overseas than I do in the cities where I live. Wait, is that socially acceptable to admit?

Digging myself out of that hole before I get too deep and can't get out, my latest acquaintance on The Twitters is Rizwan Ladha who I previously mentioned in passing in my second nuclear deterrence debunking post. Turns out not only is he ridiculously smart and modest regarding said smarts but he has more thoughtful posts on his one month old blog than I have in my six year old blog here. Good thing I'm not the jealous type!

If you're like me and am interested in geopolitics and international relations but you don't have a degree in political science, you should absolutely check it out. He knows what he's talking about (unlike me here!) but also has the ability to explain the issues to us regular folk.

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In a world of sensationalist, loud, over hyped nonsense flooding us from trillions of narrow-minded pundits' websites, we need far more people like Rizwan!

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