A decade ago I reviewed an article about reducing stress by the Dumb Little Man. I thought it’d be fun to see how much of it still holds.

  1. Turn off the TV: I’d apply this to Twitter now too.

  2. Go for a walk: Still holds.

  3. Call up a friend: I’m an introvert, but I still don’t do this often enough.

  4. Take advantage of free events: Ditto.

  5. Hang out at your favorite bookstore: These mythical places have almost ceased to exist, but I do this at coffee shops with a Kindle or my RSS reader.

  6. De-clutter your home: I didn’t think much of this at the time, but this is absolutely gigantically huge. There is something supremely satisfying and calming about going through junk and throwing it away. If you’re asking yourself if you need something, you’ve already answered it.

  7. Treat yourself to a hot bubble bath by candlelight: Not my cup of tea personally. That’s the next one.

  8. Brew a special cup of tea or coffee and sit down in your favorite chair: Many times this.

  9. Bake your favorite cookies or your favorite cake: Not when you’re giving up sugar. But homemade food is great.

  10. Update your photo album: I’m back to just hierarchies of photos in folders with thumbnail images, but this is still a great exercise. One day I’ll have an Apple Aperture replacement.