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Cranky Geeks

Cranky Geeks is one of the best video podcasts I watch… probably because it's one of the only video podcasts I watch. No but seriously it's a fantastic show, I encourage you to check it out especially if you enjoy lighthearted and cranky discussion of tech trends and the well-deserved ridiculing of stupid news stories.

This was my review Episode 080 dated the 04th of September 2007.

Guy Kawasaki on Cranky Geeks

"Yeah well the Zune phone STARTS in the toilet!" Guy Kawasaki definitely seemed like he was having a great time, I wish I could have been there… unless that would mean I have to use one of those Vista microphones he mentioned!

Adam Curry on Cranky Geeks

Adam Curry dragged on a tad (as I seem to always do) a bit with some of the points he was making, but he was definitely an interesting guest and a great guy to have on considering the discussion points. He made a great point about crime in the US versus the Netherlands, which I think could easily apply to many, many places. And I hadn't thought about not being able to drive away in a flying vehicle after landing at an airport. That would be a real bummer.

Sebastian and Adam's point that the "green" label is being used to sell things is increasingly true in so many consumer products, but as with both of them I can't help but feeling skeptical at the same time. Woolworths in my birth country of Australia was recently busted because they claimed their tissue products were from sustainable forests when actually they were from endangered rainforests in Indonesia. If a company is sincere in it's efforts to be greener that's great, but if they're just using it as a marketing ploy without much real substance its a bit of a worry.

Sebastian Rupley, the Co-Crank on Cranky Geeks

Sebastian was really sharp this episode, he really looked as though he knew what he was taking about. Not that he usually doesn't, that didn't come out right! I thought his comments about blog linking, spamming and Wifi were right on the mark.

What's with the "paper" newspapers though? Do they still make those stone-tablet-era things? And does anyone still use Yahoo Messenger anymore? Or ActiveX? Or Monster? Or flying cars?

I was in Malaysia when the DVD sniffing dogs were there and it really seems like their authorities are finally starting to crack down on piracy. Its much easier to find them there still than most places, but many of the shopping centres that used to be full of discs are being boarded up. Whether this is just a token move like the Russians shutting down AllOfMp3 to appease American copyright owners or whether its a genuine effort (pun intended) remains to be seen.

John C. Dvorak on Cranky Geeks

I couldn't care less about American football (I'm a nerd at university and jocks are my sworn enemies) but perhaps not wearing the suit jacket allowed John to be a bit less formal. Hookers. He certainly looked better this episode too because I watched this episode on my laptop instead of my iPod. That didn't come out right either.

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