Photo of a 707-123(B) by Paul Kippling

Today's favourite photo I found on the internets is the one included above for your convenience. Really, there'd be no point talking about a photo I'd found without showing you what it was, otherwise for all you know I could have been making it up. It's an integrity thing.

Said photo is by Paul Kippling on of a 707 business jet cabin in Rotterdam from 1983. Why is this aeroplane awesome? The fake wood veneer on the bulkheads and walls; the angular brown leather office chairs; the tartan upholstered couch; the ancient rounded television screen mounted in the wall; it couldn't be more retro if it tried!

In case you haven't figured it out, I revel in such retroness. Speaking of which, got a comment from the DOSBox folks.

Some more information from the page:

Untitled (Dresser Industries)
Boeing 707-123(B)

Rotterdam (- Zestienhoven) (RTM / EHRD)
Netherlands, July 1982

N5038 (cn 17652/77) In need for space? Try this! This particular 707 was parked in 1983 at Davis Montham AFB where it was used for C135 spares. Wonder what happened to the sofas…

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