Remembering Sun and MySQL in 2008


Similar to what I was doing with Colin Percival’s blog yesterday, I was reading Jonathan Schwartz’s blog at Sun Microsystems from 2008. Only unlike Colin, I had to reach into the Wayback Machine. Own your own domain and content!

Here was the end of his post announcing Sun’s purchase of MySQL AB:

So why is this important for the internet? Until now, no platform vendor has assembled all the core elements of a completely open source operating system for the internet. No company has been able to deliver a comprehensive alternative to the leading proprietary OS. With this acquisition, we will have done just that - positioned Sun at the center of the web, as the definitive provider of high performance platforms for the web economy. For startups and web 2.0 companies, to government agencies and traditional enterprises. This creates enormous potential for Sun, for the global free software community, and for our partners and customers across the globe. There’s opportunity everywhere.

I remember thinking how great that sounded. Little did we know that we were two years away from the UNIX world changing forever.

To the folks at MySQL, from employees to customers and partners - welcome, and we’re thrilled to join you. This acquisition spells the beginning of a new era on the internet.

I never thought I’d say it, but I miss the 2000s Internet.

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