Reisalin Stout fig from Atelier Ryza 3


Ryza has done so much for the visibility of the Atelier franchise, for reasons I suspect everyone can grok. Her personal popularity has also been cemented with more figures than I can count on two hands, which is highly unusual outside blockbuster anime series, or enduring characters like Hatsune Miku who could fill a shop by herself. And we’d let her.

Wonderful Works now has their rendition of Ryza from her upcoming third adventure Alchemist of the End & the Secret Key for preorder from the usual places. She’s easily been my favourite out of her three versions since I saw the key visuals for the game, and especially after seeing her life-sized statue at last year’s Tokyo Game Show.

Press image of Ryza in her third form, from Alchemist of the End & the Secret Key.
Press image of her back, showing her billowing cape.

I love the extra detail in her hair, the gold trim and patterns on her cape, and that she’s still wearing her cute white hat! The blue pennant is also a nice touch, though I’d worry about it sagging over time as some of my other figs have.

At 1:7 scale, she’d take up much less space than a life-sized statue from a game convention too. But I also only just cleared a shelf to make room for my Commodore 64C stuff, and I still need to get that kit for the PiPDP-11 built and accommodated for somewhere. The life of a retrocomputing weeb is a tough, though entirely self-imposed one.

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