Reine’s off colab with Watson!


This was such a fun treat for the end of the week! Pavolia Reine is my Hololive ID oshi, and Amelia Watson was Clara’s and my first vTuber who remains one of our all-time favourites (and who’s mannerisms have made it into our family folklore). The last time they did a collab was building Reine on the HoloEN Minecraft server… it seems like an age ago.

#SaltedTurkey Back on the menu with THE Amelia Watson!
Hololive EN tour from 2021
Pavolia Reine’s channel
Watson Amelia’s channel

They talked about travel, Japan, Indonesian snacks, games, and took questions from fans on Twitter. They have such great chemistry, I hope they do another one again soon.

Screenshot from the stream on Reine's channel

When people ask how they get into Hololive, I usually recommend these sorts of chill streams. “Off colabs” refer to them being in the same place too, which adds a whole other fun dynamic.

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