Here’s something cool I didn’t realise. With the table extension in the redcarpet markdown parser, you can write tables thusly:

| Header1 | Header2 | Header3 |
location: sydney
| Cell1   | Cell2   | Cell3   |
| Cell34  | Cell5   | Cell6   |

When interpreted, the table is translated into the one below, complete with proper <th>, <thead> and <tbody> tags. I’ve noticed even people hardcoding HTML don’t usually bother doing this!

Header1 Header2 Header3
Cell1 Cell2 Cell3
Cell4 Cell5 Cell6

You can enable it in your Jekyll config script as below, making sure NOT to use tabs!

markdown: redcarpet
    extensions: ['tables']

It’s a nice idea, and certainly great for quick mockups. Given Markdown doesn’t let you define inline styles though (important for web feeds), I’ll probably stick to generating them manually.