Red tape and Australian passports, part two


A Virgin Blue 737 at Adelaide Airport with the city in the distance
All clear for takeoff!

In part one of my sister's and my saga to get her a new passport when her current one suffered water damage I talked about our frantic dash to apply for accounts, Medicare, proof of age cards and other such riff raff so we had enough ID for her to satisfy the conditions.

Our efforts were not in vain; after a grueling interview comparing tens of provided documents to the official forms to find a combination that satisfied all the conditions, we finally got one that worked. The women serving us was extremely friendly and understanding, she even saw our last name and started speaking German to us!

Elke will be receiving her passport this Friday.

Unfortunately it wasn't until after we left that I realised I hadn't got the women's name who served us. So many people in banks and government offices treat us like crap on a regular basis that when exchanges like this happen I try to always send positive feedback which I'm sure is ignored most of the time but it's the least I can do. At least I got to say Haben Sie vielen Dank!

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