Redirect your @FSF donations elsewhere


My concerns with the Free Software Foundation, their licences, and how they conduct their advocacy, are well documented here. But Richard Stallman’s announcement of his re-admission into the FSF casts serious doubt on the judgement of the board and the viability of the project.

You can sign this open letter which also provides more details. We all need to send a sharp, immediate, and thorough rebuke of this decision.

For those of you who have donated to the FSF in good faith, I’d implore you to redirect to one of these organisations instead:

I’d also check out projects like the BSD Fund for those interested in donating directly to projects that benefit everyone in the open source community. I’ve also started contributing to projects directly; most have donate, Open Collective or Patreon buttons. Take my favourite password manager KeePassXC, for example.

Michael Dexter has made the point that a community is only as good as the behaviour it tolerates, and therefore tacitly accepts. Let’s take this opportunity to be the change we want to see. 👍

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