Re:Zero’s Rem on a collared shirt


I like long sleeved, collared shirts. They marry the convenience of a regular shirt, with the fetching addition of long sleeves and a collar. T-shirts are comfortable, but psychologically I feel as though I’m clad in pyjamas if I wear them in public. It’s not as bad as sitting naked for your final exam you didn’t study for in so many of those cliché nightmares, but it’s close. In that it really isn’t, that sounds far worse.

Photo of the aforementioned shirt

Clara sent me an AmiAmi link with everyone’s favourite character from Re:Zero emblazoned on… I hope you’re sitting down… a collared shirt. I had resigned myself to the fact animu prints would only ever appear on T-shirts, and yet there’s Rem with her cute blue hair, on handsome collared attire. From the description:

The “Ani-Art series” is an original product series by AMNIBUS designed with anime illustrations processed in a more artistic style.

This presented me with an exciting, rare opportunity to showcase my love of collared shirts and blue haired waifus, until I read the specifications ending with the most sinister, evil, twisted word in the English language:

Material: 100% Polyester

Maybe they’re indirectly commenting on Rem as a character, somehow?

The Anibus website has a lot of really beautiful art from the series in their Memory Snow collection. There’s no Ram on a red shirt unfortunately, though perhaps that’s a good thing.

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