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I’ve mentioned the Bon Appétit YouTube channel here before in the context of Brad’s It’s Alive! show, and on last week’s Music Monday, but everything they do is so wonderful, and so much fun.

But now we get personal. A month ago all the test kitchen chefs rated certain foods on a scale of 1–100, which naturally got me thinking where I’d rank similar foods. I’m using a scale of five coffee cups to simplify things.

Glass of milk
I wouldn’t go out of my way to drink this, but a cold glass of milk and a shortbread or biscuit (I think my American friends would call these cookies) would go well. I’d rather a black cup of tea though.

Black licorice
I reserve 0/100 for coriander leaves (cilantro for my American friends) because it’s the most disgusting, food known to medicine and culinary science. Black licorice doesn’t induce vomiting.

Green bell pepper
I’m realising how many culinary terms differ in Commonwealth English and American! We’d call these green capsicums. Regardless of nomenclature, their culinary use is more limited than delicious red or yellow, and I wouldn’t eat a raw one. Get back to me when you’re ripe.

White chocolate
I abstain from most sugar thesedays, and tend to prefer savoury/umami over sweet things. But on my birthday I treat myself to a nostalgic Milky Bar. White chocolate is beautiful.

Orange juice with pulp
This would have scored highly a decade ago, but I hate how bad juice makes my teeth feel now. I’d rather eat a real orange, with all the roughage. It still has more than most juice though.

I don’t think I’ve ever cooked with it, but I’m sure it’s been in food I’ve eaten before and liked. I’m pleading ignorance and abstaining from a vote on this one.

Nuts in brownies
Being mildly allergic to walnut doesn’t stop me loving these with hazelnuts on top of brownies. Distributed through a brownie though is another story.

Pineapple on pizza
Easiest answer here. The crisp, sharp, fresh, tangy taste contrasts and pairs so perfectly with the dense, heavy dough and toppings on a pizza. So do anchovies and unconscionable quantities of extra oregano.

We do sultanas here, although they’re a bit smaller. I loved these as a kid. I like them in salads and cereal, but wouldn’t eat them straight up anymore.

If referring to aioli and kewpie specifically, I love it. Chips in cones, fresh fish, and jaffles are all so much better with a drizzle.

I respect your flawed opinions if you disagree.

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