My comment about Apple keyboards yesterday made me think which laptops I’ve owned. This is a list of ones with excellent keyboards:

  • ThinkPad, all of them
  • Toshiba Satellite T2150
  • First-gen MacBook Pro
  • Official foldable external keyboard for my Palm III

These were passable:

  • iBook G3
  • MacBook Air 2013
  • Compaq Armada M300
  • Toshiba Libretto 70CT, amazing given the size

These weren’t great:

  • GPD Pocket, but understandable given the size
  • Every iPad keyboard cover I’ve tried to use
  • The HP 620LX, the later Journadas were better

And these are just bad:

  • A broken table that’s also on fire and looks bad
  • Hitting my fingers repeatedly with a ball-peen hammer
  • Latest MacBook Pros, including ones with ingress rubber