Pointless hayfever rambling to feel better


So I've come down with such a severe case of hayfever now that Spring has finally Sprung that I think I was making more noise this morning than the constructon workers across the street. Every time I sneezed in the loungeroom I think I broke a window, quite an achievement when you consider our small house here only has glass doors and no windows.

With this in mind, I figured I needed to write another one of my rambling nonsensical blog posts that not only don't have any point but are so utterly meaningless Rupert Murdoch wants to publish it in an Aussie newspaper and charge people online to see it.

The question is, what should I discuss here, or should I be discussing anything here at all considering I have homework and work to do, not to mention the fact I have over fifty (yes!) draft posts that haven't been finished yet. I mean, one glance at the quality of this blog and you could be forgiven for thinking those draft posts must be pretty awful if they don't even reach the minumum bar set so low here that I tripped over it while running to the tissue box. What?

Speaking of boxes, my spam inbox this morning had 486 messages in it, all it would need would be for my primary inbox to have 80486 messages in it for it to be even more 90s retro. At the rate of pileup I don't think I'm that far off that!

Is it called Southeast Asia or South East Asia or South-East Asia? And what's the point of ASEAN, has it achieved anything at all?

And finally, as I was walking to the Boatdeck Cafe this morning to have a cup of coffee and sit in a comfy chair to help make myself feel better, I trumpeted a sneeze so loudly a dog someone was walking started barking.

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