A week ago I posted this in response to a Good Mythical Morning video discussing the arrangement of vanilla and chocolate flavours:

Vanilla is so obviously the greatest ice cream flavour it’s an insult to our collective intelligence having me point it out.

Raf weighs in with his preferences:

plain ice cream (no, not vanilla-flavoured) - plain, as in, just “milk + cream + sugar + waffle cone” - from around an area in central Poland, where I was born . This is both nostalgia, as I remember having those as a young child some 40 years ago, as well as very much a current event - I get a bag of these every time I visit Poland. Very pleasant “creamy” taste - I can easily consume a handful in one sitting - I’m greedy, what can I say ;^) When frozen, you can easily use them as a projectile weapon hence, in the local vernacular, they are known as “stone” or “potatoes”. I can’t really describe them - you’ll just have to take my word for it :^D

Interestingly my German dad also remembers having something similar to this, and agrees with Raf’s assessment of their tastiness. I have yet to try or throw them at people, but it’s going on the list now.

Sorrento lemon gelato - lemons in that area are great - think Limoncello. Now, think about an ice cream made with those. Mhhhmmmmm… Finger-licking-good! If you’re ever visiting that part of Italy, I highly recommend you try some!

These are both acceptable and delightful. Also, I consider anyone who can differentiate plain and vanilla-flavouring as an ally!