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The Overnightscape Central is a fun weekly podcast hosted by the illustrious PQ Ribber. Hosts and listeners of The Overnightscape Underground participate in a topic each week, and you’re welcome to join.

I didn’t get my audio submitted in time this week, so PQ graciously broadcast my thoughts in the Night Project of his sublime Quaquaversal Satellite programme. Thanks PQ!

50:20 – Rubenerd is here with what was an early submission for this past week’s Overnightscape Central on Comedians, that became a Follow Up, because … well, because Ribber. Music from the Mind Bending Vaults!! Bob and Ray!! The Hollywood Palace’s debut show from January 1964 is examined!! No Man’s Sky!! Chapter Three of our Speed Gibson Adventure!! All this, and more!!

You can view this episode on the Underground, listen to it here, and subscribe to the Satellite with this feed in your podcast client.