Yesterday I wrote a longwinded post about choosing Ruby/Tk or Java Swing to create a silly Monopoly clone for the family. Alex reminded me of Qt which is still just as easy as ever to install on Mac, but I still haven't got the Qt4-QtRuby bindings working because of a problem with Smoke.

First I got the latest complete Qt SDK from Nokia/Trolltech, then built cmake from MacPorts:

# port -v selfupdate
# port -v install cmake

Then downloaded a copy of Qt4-QtRuby and was able to get passed the cmake stage:

# tar xzvf qt4-qtruby-2.0.3.tgz
# cd qt4-qtruby-2.0.3

But when I got to the make stage it reported an error in smokedata.cpp and proceeded to print a laundry list of errors.

Writing smokedata.cpp…
FATAL ERROR "com.trolltech.Qt.QGraphicsItem") inline void 
inline void QGraphicsItem::setPos(qreal 
inline void QGraphicsItem::setPos(qreal isn't a known type 
(type="com.trolltech.Qt.QGraphicsItem") inline void 

This was the reason why I was going to stick with Tk with Ruby because it comes bundled with the language and you don't need to go through all these hoops. Python works great with Qt though, so I might give that a shot instead. Or I'll just keep soldiering on with Swing.