QEMU 1.0 failing to build on Mac OS X?


PC DOS 2000 running in QEMU.

If QEMU 1.0 fails to build on Mac OS X (as I described on Sunday), you may be attempting to do it on a case-insensitive file system, like I just tried to do!

If you're installing QEMU on a case-insensitive file system, you'll need to modify the ./fpu/softfloat.h header file. Apply the patch from here, or simply open the file and add the following lines:

56 typedef uint8_t flag; 57 typedef uint8_t uint8; 58 typedef int8_t int8; 59 #ifndef _AIX 60 #if !(defined(__APPLE__) && defined(_UINT16)) 61 typedef int uint16; 62 #endif 63 typedef int int16; 64 #endif

It should build without problems now, you unsigned integer you.

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