Seeing @PSY_Oppa’s Gangnam Style in Sydney!


PSY in Sydney!

Little did I know when I posted that link back in August that I'd be seeing PSY perform Gangnam Style LIVE in Sydney with @hanezawakirika and @JamieJakov!

From the Sunrise breakfast show website:

Venue: Martin Place Plaza Amphitheatre, Sydney

Time: 6am-9am

Korean pop sensation Psy is coming to Sunrise! The man behind global hit “Gangnam Style” will be LIVE outside our studio on Wednesday 17th October and we want you to come and join in the fun!

Psy will perform “Gangnam Style” in what is destined to go down in Sunrise history.

Have you learned the dance yet? You’d better brush up – we want you all to join in!

PSY in Sydney!

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey, sexy lady~!

I'm very, VERY picky when it comes to choosing my favourite songs of all time. My Rubens Top 40 List contains only 12 songs, to leave room for more. Most of them are jazz (and most of those are Michael Franks), but then there are timeless, TIMELESS songs like Surfin' Bird. Everybody's heard. From me. THOUSANDS of times!

A few months ago, our former Anime@UTS club president Dom introduced us to Gangnam Style. I'd explain it, but I could not hope to do it justice. It screams brilliant epicness. It's Korean. The dance moves are as addictive as they are wonderfully fun and accessible for a nerd like me. PSY has more style than a cobra. To a Westerner, the music video is wonderfully Monty Python-esque, but also utterly unique and friggen brilliant.

Most of all, I just feel so energetic and happy listening to it, and I still crack the biggest smile watching the music video. PSY has really created something special here, and I'm thoroughly unashamed to admit it. I've never danced as much before in my life. YOU KNOW WHAT I'M SAYIN'?

PSY in Sydney!

Ttwiineun nom keu wiie naneun nom

I'd worked almost all night on a data mining assignment, and I had to force myself out of bed at the crack of dawn to pull it off, but this morning I met with two of my dearest friends to see PSY perform for the Sunrise Breakfast show. And it was EPIC!

Much of Martin Place was fenced off with large… what are they called again? FENCES! Inside, a makeshift stage had been set up, and outside were packed an even mix of Koreans, other Asians and Westerners all jumping around waiting to see PSY. It was open air, and utterly free!

PSY came out wearing an utterly fabulous sparkly black vest with "PSY" in gold on the back, a bevy of dancers and bright lights that cut through the early morning sky like a thrusting pelvis appearing behind a lift door. He sang to the song with the pre-recorded synthed instruments, but otherwise jumped around did all the dance moves we know and love. Or at least, I think he did, given the crowd was so thick and I couldn't see much most of the time. The atmosphere was AMAZING!

Aussie Aussie Aussie… PSY PSY PSY!

PSY in Sydney!

After the performance which was broadcast love across Australia, the morning show hosts performed their regular small talk. He took off his trademark glasses, and was handed a plushie koala and kangaroo. He was utterly gracious. I'm saying utterly a lot, it's utterly too much!

To return to where this post started HEEEEEEY SEXY LADY I'm just so overwhelmed that I saw a performer on my top song list. He's the first one.

Years from now, I'll remember this, and smile. What a defining moment ^_^


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