Pro life, pro family and other misnomers


Mourning the death of common sense
Common sense, we hardly knew thee…

I'm well aware these observations have been made by many rational people before, but I'm just putting them on the record here too.

  • Isn’t it funny [most of] those who claim to be "pro life" overwhelmingly support the death penalty? This isn’t even touching on the issues surrounding legitimate medical research. (see the comments thread for revisions)

  • Isn’t it funny those who claim to be "pro family" want to deny so many loving and responsible people the right to have one based on arbitrary critera for which they have no evidence affects their abilities?

  • And isn’t it also funny that those who are quick to dismiss sciences such as evolutionary biology, astronomy and geology suddenly change their minds when it works in their favour?

Everybody has the right to choose what they believe, but that doesn't mean we should reject common sense. If certain religious beliefs (and conspiracy theories too while we're at it) are hindering social, moral, scientific and medical progress, it's time to review them. I know enough moderate religious people who agree with me on this to know it's possible.

My last attempt at a post like this generated more hate mail than any I've ever had before. Hey, as long as people are thinking about these issues I'm (as I always say) cautiously optimistic :-).

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