This has become a theme on my blog here of late, so I was happy to read the news. Jun Suzuki and Marimi Kishimoto reported for the Nikkei Asian Review:

The [plastic] issue came up at the Group of 20 summit in Osaka, where global leaders agreed that marine plastic waste is a serious issue and pledged to take “concrete” steps to tackle the problem. President Joko Widodo of Indonesia – the only Southeast Asian G-20 member – had said he wanted to bring up the mounting plastic problem at the meet.

I’m encouraged to see this. The economically developed world should help.

The Asia-Pacific region accounts for 60% of improperly disposed of plastic waste, or mismanaged waste, according to data from nonprofit research organization Our World in Data. This type of waste has a high possibility of entering the ocean through rivers or other waterways.

I’d be keen to see how much of that is plastic the rest of the world ships to them to deal with.