Post-US world on display


Carl Bildt pulled no punches in the Washington Post:

This was the post-American world on display: China assertive and confident. Europe trying to save what can be saved of global cooperation. And the Trump administration mostly outside firing its heavy artillery in all directions, but with limited actual results.

In the end, the United States had to accept that the resolution drafted under E.U. leadership was adopted by consensus. Rarely has the United States been as marginalized at a major diplomatic gathering. A world used to American leadership — for good, according to many, for bad, according to some — had to move on with the urgent issues of fighting the virus.

As someone who considers Americans his friends, all I can do is watch with frustration that Mr Orange’s remaining supporters are making the case for our common foes. I wonder if they’re even aware that they’ve ceded leadership of the free world, or if they even care? I suppose some just want to see world burn.

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