The Tennant 5700 industrial scrubber


The Tennant 5700 industrial scrubber

According to the internal WordPress installation here, for some reason the the ID of this post is 5700 which you can confirm by going to the non-prettified address. What's more stupendously amazing is 5700 is also the model number for a sophisticated piece of equipment, the Tennant 5700 Industrial-strength Walk-behind Scrubber. Read on if you dare!

Consistent, quality cleaning results that set the standard

Just like this decade is drawing to a close and everything is infinitely more important if it has a rounded bunch of zeros at the end of it, at this 5700 mark we sit back and reflect all that we've accomplished here, with me and the writer and you as the readers and commentators… well, that didn't take long!

I kid folks, I still maintain this is one of the few blogs where the comments are usually more substantive, interesting, witty and useful than what I write here myself. You guys contain awesomeness. Thank you :).

Key available features

  • The Tennant 5700 dislodges and picks up stubborn dirt, grime, oil or sand – even nuts and bolts.
  • This scrubber’s got a long-lasting machine thanks to expert engineering and industrial-grade construction.
  • Scrub without chemicals with ec-H2O™ electrically converted water scrubbing technology.
  • Fewer empty/fill cycles and more time for cleaning with foam-based FaST® technology.
  • Industry-leading engineering, industrial-grade construction and a 10/3/3 warranty on the 5700.
  • Aluminum squeegee assembly and scrub heads, shock-absorbing frame and durable polyethylene construction.
  • Up to 300 lb / 136 kg of down pressure with heavy-duty motor options.
  • Available in disk or cylindrical scrub heads with three path widths: 28 in / 710 mm, 32 in / 810 mm or 36 in / 910 mm.
  • Off-aisle power wand extends cleaning reach.
  • Dual vac fan increases vacuum lift by up to 30 percent to pick up bulky, tough soils found in industrial facilities.
  • Optional heavy-duty brush motors (32 in / 810 mm disk model) and cylindrical scrub heads for our best hard-surface soil removal.
  • Chemical-free scrubbing and FaST foam scrubbing technologies for cleaner, higher-traction floors.

In talking to my fabulous father, he relayed that Tennant make some amazing equipment. Personally I'd love to have one of these floor scrubbers as a Segway, all you'd need is a platform to stand on and a really, really long power cable. Or maybe they could develop a solar floor scrubber I could ride around on!

You know, I really didn't know how this post was going to turn out, but I wholeheartedly approve of it. And people tell me I get off topic here, can you believe it?

Zoom zoom! Thank you.

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