The Cisco 2900

I’m not a superstitious person, but today a series of events unfolded that combined are not worthy of a blog post on a tech-ish site tlike this, but they mildly freaked me out enough that I'll be talking about them anyway.

In no particular order:

  • I’m written almost 2900 Rubenerd blog posts
  • I have 2900 unread messages in Gmail
  • I wrote a draft whitepaper on the Cisco 2900 router (nice kit)
  • … and a fun report on the retro ICL 2900 mainframe
  • My latest grocery bill from Woolworths was exactly $29.00
  • My latest development effort is just shy of 2900 lines of code

For those of you not part of The Overnightscape Underground universe, Frank Edward Nora has long had an obsession with the number 209, which mathematically is the same integer as 2900 rearranged as 0290.