Made it through Post A Day 2011!


To celebrate posting every day this year, here are some highlights from each month!


Little did I know that I'd be quoting this Steve Jobs retiring from Apple post later in the year though. Or perhaps, I did.

Dear Steve,

Even with a similar recent family experience with health, I won’t pretend to relate with what you and your family are going through right now, particularly with a tasteless media circus chasing you.

Please don’t let them get to you. Stay strong, and get better in your own time, for yourself and your family. *manhug*

Peace, health and happiness,
Ruben :)

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Towards the end of the month, my old man, sister and I took a trip into inner NSW to visit the Taronga Western Plains Zoo, which gave me a great excuse to try out some new DSLR skills I'd picked up.

A professional could have done a lot better, but it was great to get out of the city for a few days and go exploring :).


An easy choice, we fulfilled one of my lifelong ambitions and dreams since I was in primary school: seeing Weird Al Yankovic! Now that I look back, I only wrote a stub entry, clearly I need to upload more photos from it! Best. Concert. Ever.


Ben Sidram's Cool Paradise

For some reason I can't fathom, I decided hilarity would ensue if I quoted lyrics from each and every song from Ben Sidran's 1990 album Cool Paradise. This post was representative of this entirely pointless series:

"Hot, like the yellow sun;

As far as I know Ben, the sun isn’t on fire, its undergoing a sustained fusion reaction.


A lot happened in May. Allegedly Osama Bin Laden was killed without due process, and the rapture was supposed to kill us all.

Most importantly though, I was obsessed with the Yumekui Merry anime series, and was blogging each and every episode! I don't have time to do that any more, perhaps series summaries are called for?


Lots of one off posts in June, though I was most excited about being accepted into the University of Technology in Sydney despite a several year absence from tertiary education for family reasons. It's good to be back!


I was informed of Kyary's PonPonPon. Nothing more needs to be said, or should be said.

Play きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ - PONPONPON , Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - PONPONPON


A rather packed month from a blogging perspective, traditionally that's always been the case on for some reason! We finally said farewell to the old Twitter, I did a series of UTS-inspired posts on what I couldn't live without, but most importantly of all I joined the UTS Anime club where I've made friends with so many nice, lovely people.

Registered for Anime@UTS!


A big month for the site as I reached 4000 quality entries! I also started obsessing and blogging about Gurren Lagann after so many had told me to watch it.


October was the month we lost Dennis Richie and Steve Jobs. RIP.



If I can be a hapless consumer for a moment, November was the time I finally caved and bought a Kindle. Between then and now, I've read more novels and non fiction books than I'd read for the whole rest of the year!

For me though, the month will be remembered for the fact it contained the epic, once in a lifetime 11:11 on 11/11/11 which I celebrated in a binary-esque pointless way.


A month of ups and downs. On the one hand I remembered the passing of my beautiful late mum, and the intellectual and humanistic world lost one of its heavyweights with the passing of Christopher Hitchens. On the upside, we celebrated Yuletide as a family again after a four year absence, with tree and all :).

Our Christmas Tree


It seems folks are thanking their deity of choice (or lack thereof) for the fact 2011 is over. Personally it was a year of development and progress for me, though I'm under no illusion the year went well for most. Here's hoping 2012 will have more peace, health and happiness for all. Cheers

As to the challenge itself, I wrote 587 posts of varying length and quality, maybe more given I often forgot to tag each post with the postaday2011 tag. Undecided whether I'll try for 2012!

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