A Rubenerd Pointless Milestone

The previous entry was Rubenerd.com post #4300! Time for another of our beloved pointless milestones!

What’s with this post thing?

Those of you who have been reading Rubenerd.com for years… you may need to see a therapist. You may also remember for each pointless milestone I include information on an industrial cleaning device as something utterly pointless.

How did this start? A very handsome question, and I'll answer it. When I wrote the first pointless milestone, I wanted to include a relevent image, but when I typed the post number into Google Images and hit search, all I kept getting were photos of industrial cleaning devices. Since then, I've made it a habit to do this on purpose!

Yeah okay, so what’s that buggy thing?

For post 4300, I uncovered the Tennant Green Machines ATLV 4300 All Terrain Litter Vacuum! From their product specifications:

Could this image improvement also apply to those who ride these devices? I could go for an image overhaul, I'm just saying!

This ride on cleaning machine has disc brakes?! This ride on cleaning machine is better than some cars! Clearly, this really happy guy agrees:

Happy post #4300 everyone! Time for celebrations!