A Rubenerd Pointless Milestone

The previous entry was Rubenerd.com post #4300! Time for another of our beloved pointless milestones!

What’s with this post thing?

Those of you who have been reading Rubenerd.com for years… you may need to see a therapist. You may also remember for each pointless milestone I include information on an industrial cleaning device as something utterly pointless.

How did this start? A very handsome question, and I'll answer it. When I wrote the first pointless milestone, I wanted to include a relevent image, but when I typed the post number into Google Images and hit search, all I kept getting were photos of industrial cleaning devices. Since then, I've made it a habit to do this on purpose!

Yeah okay, so what’s that buggy thing?

For post 4300, I uncovered the Tennant Green Machines ATLV 4300 All Terrain Litter Vacuum! From their product specifications:

  • Rid-on [sic] vacuum improves the image of your community with superior litter pick-up
  • Increase productivity by cleaning on all terrains: climb kerbs, navigate hills and clean along fence lines
  • Low centre of gravity design provides a stable machine ride to safely protect the operator

Could this image improvement also apply to those who ride these devices? I could go for an image overhaul, I'm just saying!

  • 48 in / 1,219 mm vacuum head provides a wide cleaning path to improve productivity
  • Ergonomic vacuum hose reaches up to 270 degrees to allow the operator to clean hard-to-reach areas without leaving the operator’s seat
  • Low centre of gravity, reliable disc brakes, and standard roll-over protection contribute to operator safety

This ride on cleaning machine has disc brakes?! This ride on cleaning machine is better than some cars! Clearly, this really happy guy agrees:

Happy post #4300 everyone! Time for celebrations!