Post #3666! Run away!


This latest Pointless Rubenerd Milestone post is so useless (and derivative) it should not be read by anyone. If you’re just seeing this summary, leave it and move on. If you’re subscribed in an aggregator and you can see the whole post, disregard it.

Firefox says "aggregator" isn’t a word

Now that’s out of the way we can get down to bidness. Despite missing it by a few posts (this is actually post number 3669!) this post is a celebration of reaching the completely pointless mystical post number 3666, which not only contains the super evil number 666, but the first digit even represents how many sixes proceed it! It’s akin to a recursive acronym, but with integers in lieu of Latin alphabetic letters.

You know what isn’t a recursive acronym, AFAIK? Saskatchewan.

This is only the fifth time such a milestone has been reached on; I blogged about this pointlessness (is that a word?) with my:

  1. WordPress 666 ID post in 2007,
  2. 666th post in 2008,
  3. 1666th post in 2009 and…
  4. 2666th post in 2010

And as I said on all of them, Elfen Lied scared the heck out of me.

That’s right Mr Peabody

Surprisingly, blogging about this pointlessness also serves to show some historicalness (is that a word?), like an even cruder Wayback Machine. With each celebration of this pointlessness (is that a word?) I take a screenshot as proof of what we’re up to here, and coincidently my theme has always changed in the intervening posts.

In another coincidence, Mac OS X Snow Leopard reports file sizes in KB not KiB, and the screenshot for today’s entry is 66KB (61KiB). If that isn’t a syncronicity of some sort, then… it isn’t.

Post 3666!

Post 2666!

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