A 2600 Rubenerd pointless milestone!


A Rubenerd Pointless Milestone

Once upon a time there was an obsessive blogger who didn't have a very exciting life, so when something as silly as a number synchronicity occurred on his website he just had to tell everyone, even if they didn't care! That's right, it's pointless milestone time!

Before we go any further

Before we go on (wait, I just said that), I'd firstly like to point out that this is no ordinary pointless milestone… wait, hold that thought, did I link to that tag yet? Here, I'll link to it here just in case. Wait, did you miss it? Here it is again.

This pointless milestone also happens to be a trippy syncronicity so vast in its complexity and co-incidence vectors, that I could make up a bunch of language in a sentence such as this one and pass it off as legitimate statistical analysis.

Wait for it… here it is!

Wait for it… here it is! Wait, I just said that! Hey, wait. This is Rubenerd post number 2600. Not only this, but WordPress in its infinite wisdom has also assigned this post with the ID of 6000 which you can confirm yourself by going to the non-prettified URL:


Look at that! Post number 2600, and it was given an ID of 6000! That's spooky and eerily beautiful, in a way. In celebration, I might go for an evening stroll around the park. The parks here don't have snow, but that probably means I'm less likely to slip and land on my arse again. Emphasis on less likely.

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