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People are so quick to jump online and whinge about negative experiences, so I thought I’d make a specific effort to post positive ones when they occur.

Last week I booked flights for a quick trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles on Southwest, on recommendation from a colleague. I chose early Monday morning and late Friday evening to maximise my time there. The website was straight forward, booked, click click, got an email confirmation and an SMS, done.

Then I read the confirmation email… and my heart sank faster than the freefall lift that injured my shins back in Sydney. I’m looking at you, Eastern Elevators. I’d booked the flights the wrong way, with late night on Monday and early morning Friday!

Phone calls are the absolute worst things ever, so I had a poke around on the website. Low and behold, under Trips was a Change Flight link. Within half a dozen clicks I had the new flights booked, and at no cost, and without having to talk to anyone.

This may be normal, but it was a novelty for me how easy this was. Nice one!

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