Every industry has its own parlance, but IT has the additional complexity of using the same word for multiple things. Take this shipping location or a sweet alcoholic beverage:

  • Physical connectors, such as an AT port
  • Network communication end points, at each OSI level
  • Ported software between different OSs or hardware

And to the latter we have:

  • Ports between operating systems, such as FreeBSD ports
  • Ports between architectures, such as NetBSD
  • Ports more accurately referred to as rewrites

I had a dream that I was at a conference discussing disambiguations for various IT terms. They decided physical connectors would be plugs, networks would get an acronym or abbreviation given their predilection for those, and software would refer to different builds. None of which are ideal.

It’s almost as if a conference shouldn’t be left to a sleep deprived solutions architect late at night.