I did the Australian Political Party quiz and got… the Australian Greens. I never would have guessed!

I do protest the last line in the description of the party though; yes short term profits will be affected, but to be blunt if we don't take action now, business won't matter. We also have to stop valuing a society just on how much money it makes. Money is critically important, but how useful or valuable is it if generating it results in irreversible damage? I'm a huge fan of sustainable economics not just because in the long term it's the only model that will actually work (refer to the current financial crisis to see this) but because it takes into account social issues and the environment.

I'm not [entirely] a socialist because I think capitalism is still more efficient than governments in determining what gets produced and at what price because purely socialist systems don't have the market price mechanism to gauge demand in real time. That said, completely unfettered capitalism is efficient only for those in positions of economic and business power, and without [effective!] government oversight and checks, businesses will only serve their own interests and will price goods out of the range of some who need it (think healthcare, food, education). And that none of this matters if we wreck the planet.

Perhaps I should just stick to talking about green economics! Standing down from my soapbox now.