Many of my software icons are green


Speaking of colours! Most OSs tend to favour blue in their icons and interfaces, presumably because it’s the world’s favourite colour, and it’s perceived as calming. But I recently had occasion to look through my Applications folder and noticed green slowly encroaching on blue’s space:

Icons for FaceTime, KeePassXC, LibreOffice Calc, Line, MacVim, Excel, Minecraft, and ScummVM

It reminds me of those silly Twitter colour wars in 2007, back when that platform was fun. And speaking of keeping things fun: the inclusion of an application here says nothing about whether I want to use it or not, so please don’t email me. It won’t stop the regular stream of rude (and therefore counterproductive) messages I get now and immediately delete, but the rest of you can at least admire my optimism!

I also love that there’s still sufficient differences in their shapes and design that one can pick them out at a glance. The trend in interfaces towards uniform squares is such a bad idea for accessibility; it’s one of many, many reasons I’m holding off on Big Sur.

Colours are fun! I miss having chats about them with my mum.

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