Just saw another ad on television for another Kmart 20% off sale.

And my question is: does anyone out there really take notice of 10 or 20% off sales? Because when I see ad after ad for "whopping 10% off mens clothing at Kmart" I just groan. 10% off a $15.00 t-shirt (which would have been $2 after forex in Kuala Lumpur) is really no big deal.

Do Kmart have any statistics to prove that these "whopping" 10 to 20% off sales actually do anything for sales? Or is the whole thing just a cheap way of getting their brand out to the country? If it's the former, I guess it makes sense, but it sure doesn't affect my buying habits, and I'm pretty sure masses of people don't swarm in with their "incredible 10 to 20% off sales." If it's the latter… well I guess they've won over me if I'm posting this!

But come on, enough with these pointless sales nobody cares about. Honesty. Give me 80% off and I'll take notice.