Podcasts Ruben listens to, December 2012


I've been an fanatical consumer of podcasts since 2004, in the iPodder days. While I do sync the odd song, I overwhelmingly listen to podcasts more than anything else. Television, radio, what are those? About the only thing I listen to/watch now that isn't a podcast is anime.

With the ending of two of my favourite shows, I decided to get in and post this inaugural Podcasts Ruben Listens To post while I still can. I'm going to miss seeing that reassuring Build and Analyse and Hypercritical cover art on my iTelephone as I walk back from the train station.

  • 5by5 Specials
  • 5by5 After Dark
  • Apple Keynotes
  • Anandtech Podcast
  • Back to Work
  • The B&B Podcast
  • Build and Analyze
  • Chet Chat
  • Core Intuition
  • The Crossover
  • Hypercritical
  • The Ihnatko Almanac
  • The Incomperable: Jason Snell. I don't think I need to say any more. But I will. One of the few 5by5 shows with a full panel of entertaining guests talking about cool stuff.
  • Into Your Head
  • MediaWatch
  • The Mr Brown Show
  • The Overnightscape Underground
  • Otaku no Podcast
  • PM
  • Security Now

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