Podcasts Ruben Listens to, January 2013


It’s been a month since my Podcasts Ruben Listens to, December 2012 post, so here we are once again!

New discoveries, old friends

With Build and Analyze and Hypercitical ending their runs, I’ve filled their niche with Core Intuition, now my favourite tech show. I also found Systematic, after hearing Brett Terpstra on The Crossover. John Siracusa has also been making appearances on other 5by5 shows which has been fun.

I’ve also rediscovered the Gillmor Gang! I listened to them from their IT Conversations days, but they moved networks so much I lost track of them. I can’t even tell where their website is now, though at least their iTunes feed works.

Shows I try not to miss

  • 5by5 After Dark
  • Apple Keynotes
  • Anandtech Podcast
  • Back to Work
  • The B&B Podcast
  • Chet Chat
  • Core Intuition
  • The Crossover
  • The Gillmor Gang
  • The Ihnatko Almanac
  • Into Your Head
  • MediaWatch
  • The Mr Brown Show
  • Otaku no Podcast
  • Security Now
  • Systematic: Brett always books really fascinating guests, and is no tech slouch himself!

Shows I catch if I like the topics

  • 5by5 Specials
  • The Incomperable: Jason Snell. I don't think I need to say any more. But I will. One of the few 5by5 shows with a full panel of entertaining guests talking about cool stuff.
  • The Overnightscape Underground

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