Podcast quotes for 2014


Here are some random quotes from recent podcast episodes I’ve listen to:

“The thing about Supertrain is that it’s coming in the ashes of our inevitable doom”

~ John Roderick, Roderick on the Line.

iWatches, god damn it!

~ John Siracusa, Accidental Tech Podcast #83.

This right wing idea that HECS is a bank loan. And we have a minister for sport for crying out loud, we should have a minister for science!

~ Kim Karr, The World Today for 2014-05-29.

Everyday, some is born who hasn’t heard my Flinstones analogy!

~ Merlin Mann, Back to Work #172.

If it weren’t for grudge or spite, I wouldn’t get anything done!"

~ Merlin Mann, Back to Work #172.

There’s always the inevitable discussion over whether Australia can support the number of commercial broadcasters that are out there.

~ Interviewee, ABC PM for 2014-05-21.

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