pngcrush’s loco crush option


Every PNG image on this blog goes through ImageMagick to create srcset versions, then pngcrush to losslessly optimise them. The savings are routinely upwards of 40% for the same visuals, or 40pc if I go by some bizarre modern style guides.

I was reviewing my dotfile aliases, like a gentleman, and noticed pngcrush had an option I hadn’t noticed before:

-loco ("loco crush" truecolor PNGs)

From the help file:

Make the file more compressible by performing a lossless, reversible, color transformation. The resulting file is a MNG, not a PNG, and should be given the “.mng” file extension. The “loco” option has no effect on grayscale or indexed-color PNG files.

I thought it may have been a neural network trained on locomotives. Trained on locomotives? That was some top-shelf humour.

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