While testing some FreeBSD package management goodness, I wondered what it would take to host a pkgng mirror.

For those unversed, pkgng is FreeBSD’s new binary package manager, designed to replace pkg_add and other such tools. I blogged with excitement about the system; along with NetBSD’s pkgin; at the time they were announced.

I haven’t got far in finding out what you need to do to register yourself as a mirror, though I did copy and paste the web package table for FreeBSD 10 x86_64 into LibreOffice. Which gave me a spinning cursor then crashed after twenty minutes.

So I copied the table into Gnumeric, which accepted the tabular data in about five seconds.

According to a simple sum, you’d be looking at 40.25GiB, or 43,219,644,432 bytes to host a pkgng mirror, assuming the x86_64 architecture.

The more you know.