Pixelated Snow Leopard icon problem



An interesting new development since upgrading my Snow Leopard install to 10.6.2, all my custom drive icons have started displaying heavily pixelated. If you think that Starfleet badge looks bad, the SOS-Dan logo I have for my Anime drive looks even worse!

A quickie Google search has shown this problem has been manifesting itself for lots of people, but oddly in many different places. The solution seems to be deleting the .DS_Store in the folder where you're having trouble, so in my case I deleted it from the desktop. All good.

It's good that after my exams are over and my assignments have been handed in that this is the kind of thing that now constitutes a "problem" :-).

ASIDE: To preempt any comments about my Starfleet badge comment, a) no it isn’t ugly normally and b) Star Trek is still better than Star Wars. Regards, Ruben.

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